• Assistenza all'acquisto

    Support to buy

  • Assistenza Alla vendita

    Support to sell

We are living in a particular time of the nautical market.

Purchase opportunities, apparently very appealing, are frequently proposed, not to mention “urban legends” that spread news that with money immediately available you can make great deals with shipyard, leasing companies or private individuals.

Undoubtedly prices have been reduced in relation to the market of several seasons ago, but if your willingness is to purchase an object that you like, at a good price, to spend relaxing, hassle free holidays, we believe that your goal is to:

  • ENSURE YOUR EXPENSE (as low as possible), with contracts that exceed a simple purchase proposal given to a broker
  • We do not want to replace the broker, but we would like to give you the best support that guarantees your purchase regarding the contract as well as technical and logistics support
  • If there is a leasing on the boat, we redeem it directly, and re-invoice it to allow you to recover the VAT and take out a leasing from scratch
  • In case of delegation to either required restoration work or additional work, their amount could be in the leasing included and in this way financed;
  • If we execute the work, it will be possible to subscribe (at buyer’s expenses) an “ALL-RISKS” insurance policy, at a much better cost, that would even be able to cover possible engine damages, even with reconditioning

All of this with a pre- determined running cost, and excluded from the purchase price!!

Remember: a survey on the boat before buying (which is always useful), guarantees a lot more who sells, if it is not combined with a contract support that guarantees who buys.

This service, which is anyway included in the boats that we have for sale, is provided even if your negotiations are for boats that you have autonomously found of the market.

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